Docuware What’s New Version 7.5

Headline Features

Integration into third-party applications – the main feature of the version 

Organizations rely on their core business applications as a data source when it comes to the performance, health, and analysis of their business. These applications – from the finance human resources, legal, sales, marketing and other departments– need to be in sync with your document management system to ensure that the information is accurate, contextually useful, and reliably discoverable. DocuWare has long offered a wide range of integration options to connect systems and processes putting an end to manual data entry, frustrating searches, duplicate controls, and incomplete records. DocuWare version 7.5 contains many new powerful features that make it even easier to connect to third-party applications. This applies to both on-premises systems and DocuWare Cloud. 

File cabinet notifications with webhooks 

Set up notLficatLons to be sent automatically when documents are newly stored in a file cabinet or associated index entries are modLfied Other applications in the company can react to this, synchronize their data stock or – subject to the appropriate configuratLon – trigger actions and workflows The notLficatLons are based on webhooks. DocuWare sends the news from the file cabinet to a URL in the form of a request. The third-party application monitors this request and receives the message.

You can include REST web services and webhooks in your workflows in addition to SOAP. The Web services activity in Workflow Designer provides you with a new assisted structure with a sequence of steps to set up the web service call. The configuration options for SOAP remain the same as before, but they are also displayed in the optimized interface.

What's new in the Client and Desktop Apps 

What's new in the Client and Desktop Apps 

Filling and editing table fields is now much easier and clearer. New features have been added; the display of the table fields has been revised. 

With the addition of Danish and Norwegian, the majority of the DocuWare user interface is now available in 20 languages, enabling more users to use DocuWare in their native language.

More user interface languages 

When storing Outlook emails, you can now use the contents from attached PDF documents for indexing in addition to the email properties. Previously it was only possible to extract attachments in XML format. 

DocuWare now also supports text recognition in the following languages: • Thai • Vietnamese • Malay • Hebrew

Simplified update of Desktop Apps 

Administrator rights are no longer required to update already installed DocuWare Desktop Apps via the DocuWare Client Setup user interface. Updates can thus be run more easily and quickly by users themselves on their client machines. Administrator rights are still required for the reinstallation of Desktop Apps, for updates via the Client Setup CMD, and for terminal server environments.

More power in automatic document processing 

When storing Outlook emails, you can now use the contents from attached PDF documents for indexing in addition to the email properties. Previously it was only possible to extract attachments in XML format 

What's New in Configuration 

Automatically log out of DocuWare 

In case of inactivity, a user can be automatically logged out of DocuWare Client and DocuWare Configuration If no input is made within a certain time, the user first receives a notification with an appropriate message before being logged out and redirected to the login window 

Define your own refresh interval for lists 

Set an interval for automatic updating of lists. The shortest interval is one second, the longest is ten minutes. This applies to lists configured in the File Cabinet area and to saved searches. For predefined lists, it was previously only possible to generally enable or disable updating. For saved searches, the automatic update was always enabled and also not configurable.

Progress of the fulltext reset always in view 

For file cabinets with thousands of documents, a fulltext reset can take a long time. In order to estimate when the fulltext search will be available again, the status of the reset process is now displayed in two stages under the options for the relevant file cabinet

Use more LDAP attributes as user names 

DocuWare supports three additional LDAP attributes with CN (common name), display name, and name. These can be selected to display the user name when importing users from Microsoft Active Directory.  

Configuring Web Services with REST 

In addition to SOAP web services, you can now use REST web services to connect DocuWare to third-party applications. Alongside basic authentication, Oauth2 is also available as an authentication method for REST

Technical Information

Modified system requirements 

Compared to DocuWare version 7.4, the system requirements for client machines have changed as follows: • Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported.