DocuWare Whats New 7.10


  • Scroll through documents with the mousewheel
  • Table Calculations on Forms
  • XML Invoice Compatibility introduced
  • Sign Documents with Multiple Sections with ValidatedID
  • DocuWare Cloud Addon for Microsoft Office Web Versions, including Mac OS
  • Docuware Lists integrated into teams
  • DocuWare StorageRobot released
  • OAuth2 for all functions/endpoints available
  • Improved Webhook functionality
  • Workflow History Exportable
  • Workflow History Overview Data now available
  • Designers now have Monitor Tasks by default
  • Improved API Functions within Workflow
  • Forms Size Limit Increased
  • Optional Table-Level settings for Mandatory/Read Only
  • Assign User Licenses easily in User Management


Technical Improvements:

  • .NET 8 now included with Desktop Apps / Server Components
  • Connect to Outlook can now be used with Office 2021 and Office 365
    1. Office 2013/Exchange 2010/2013 no longer supported
  • UFT-8 without Byte Order Mark (BOM) is now supported as an export file encoding format
  • Additional endpoints and query parameters available in the Platform REST API